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Students’ Code of Conduct

Regular attendance in all the classes is mandatory for the Students. Students having a minimum of 75% are declared as regular and are allowed to appear in Council and University exam. If a student has an attendance percentage below 75%, he/she shall be treated as non-collegiate. Moreover, a student failing to attend 60% of the total classes would be declared as dis-collegiate. If a student fails to attend classes for 25 days at a stretch from the date of commencement of classes, he/she will forfeit his/her seat.


Discipline among Students

Students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline in the college campus. The college authority lays down certain rules and regulations, violation of which may make a student liable for disciplinary action. Any willful damage of college property would be treated as a serious offence and stern action will be taken in this regard.


College Uniform

Wearing of prescribed uniform in the college campus is mandatory for each and every student. A student breaking the uniform code would not be allowed to enter the college premises. It is also compulsory for each and every student to wear uniform during examinations.

College Identity Card

Each and every student of the college is issued a non-transferable identity card and it is expected that she/he carries it at all times inside the college premises. In case the card is lost or damaged, concerned authority must be informed immediately.

College Notice Board

Students are expected to grow the habit of reading the college notice boards regularly. Any notice that has to be circulated in the college through the notice boards must be approved by the college authority.


Ragging in any form inside the college and hostel premises is strictly prohibited. Students indulging in ragging will be subjected to strong disciplinary action as per the directives of the Supreme Court/High Court.

Campus Cleanliness

It is considered to be the duty of each and every student to keep the college campus clean at all costs. Spitting, writing, and sticking anything on the walls in the college campus will be treated as a punishable offence.

Energy Conservation

In order to conserve energy, each and every student is expected to grow and practice the habit of switching off fans and lights when not in use.

Use of Mobile Phones

Use of mobile phone in the college campus is strictly prohibited. Students violating this rule would invite disciplinary action from the concerned authority.

Tobacco Chewing

Smoking or chewing of tobacco and paan in any form is strictly prohibited inside the campus.

Silent Zone

During teaching hours all areas around classrooms shall be treated as silent zones. The authority can take action against students who create disturbance during college teaching hours.