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RUSA Plan of the college year wise – click here to view more


The 10th Meeting of the Project Approval Board (PAB) of the RUSA Mission Authority held in New Delhi on 2nd February, 2016 approved the infrastructure grant to Sonapur College along with 39 provincialized colleges of Assam. The grant amounts to Rs. 2 Crores.

The RUSA has also sanctioned a grant of Rs. 17 Lakhs under “Equity Initiatives” for Persons with Disability (PWD).

Sonapur College has already received the following instalments of the grants from the Assam State Higher Education Council (ASHEC):


Sl. No. Sanction order no Date Central share in Rs. Lakh State share in Rs. Lakh Total in Rs. Lakh
1 AHSEC(RUSA)/47/2016/ 162-268 18/12/2016 62.25 6.92 69.17

(1st Instalment)

2 AHSEC/RUSA/75/2016/121 06/02/2017 15.30 1.70 17.00

(1st Instalment)

Grand Total 86.17


The following projects have to be taken under the grants (1st Instalment):

  1. Renovation of the Old Class Rooms as the Heritage Building
  2. Renovation of the Girls’ Common Room
  3. Renovation and upgradation of the Girls’ Toilets
  4. Upgradation of the 3rd Floor of the Administrative Building for Class Rooms, Workshop for Skilled Programmes, etc.
  5. Construction of Ramp & Disable friendly toilets from the grant from equity initiatives.