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Rakesh Riyan at Sonapur College -

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Sonapur College Cultural Rally –

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College Week 2020 –

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Zubeen at Sonapur College –

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Ramdhari Singh Dinkar aur Kurukshetra (PART-I) || रामधारी सिंह दिनकर और कुरूक्षेत्र (PART-I) –

Surdas ke “Binoy ke Pad” (Part-I) || सुरदास के “विनय के पद” (Part-I) –

Surdas ke “Binoy ke Pad” (Part-II) || सुरदास के “विनय के पद” (Part-II) –

Surdas ke “Binoy ke Pad” (Part-III) || सुरदास के “विनय के पद” (Part-III) –

Success Story of RUSA 1.0:

Webiners organized by Sonapur College and the youtube links:

  1. “Kathakota – An interactive Session with Adil Hussain”:
  2. “Student – Teacher relationship – Through Indian Tradition”:
  3. “Asomia Upanakhyr goti _prokriti”:
  4. “Managing Roller Coaster of Emotions during Covid-19 Lockdown” with Little Flower Degree College, Hyderabad:
  5. “Impact of Covid – 19 Pandemic on Indian Economy”:
  6. “E-content generation in Assamese”:
  7. “Modernism, Modernity and Theatre”:
  8. “21st Century Language Skills for English Language Teaching”: (YouTube link is not available)
  9. “Let’s Talk Future – Entrepreneurship Skill Development” in association with Pearl Academy, Kolkata: (YouTube link is not available)
  10. FDP on “Creation & Automation of Certificates” in association with Little Flower Degree College, Hyderabad; (YouTube link is not available)
  11. “Development of Geographical Thoughts with special reference to Post-Modernism”:
  12. “Innovation Ecosystem and Launching of Incubation Center”:
  13. “Covid-19 Pandemic and Plights of Women in the States of NE India: with special reference to Assam and Manipur”:
  14. “Portrayal of Women as Symbol of ‘Empowerment’ in Assamese films with special emphasis on Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Dr. Santwana Bardoloi”:
  15. “Let’s Talk Wildlife and conservation”:
  16. “Awareness programme on use of online E-resources” in Collaboration with ASSAM COLLEGE LIBRARIANS’ ASSOCIATION (ICT CELL): (YouTube link is not available)
  17. “Tourism through Frames” – Travel Photography:
  18. “Interactive Session with V.C., Gauhati University: