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Forums and Societies

The students of the college are entitled to join a variety of societies and forums for their socio-economic and spiritual development along with the academic one. The students can avail the facilities rendered by the different forums and societies.

Sonapur College Geographical Society

Sonapur College Geographical Society was formed with the primary objective of making the subject of Geography popular among the students and public. Creating awareness in environmental preservation is another objective of this society. Effort is also made to find remedies through various projects on socio-economic and environmental problems of the locality. This society has organized a number of seminars and workshops, related to Geography and environment, in various schools.

Sonapur College Literary Society

The society aims at raising consciousness among students to pursue study and research in the literary field. It also aims at increasing students’ concern regarding the rich folk culture and tradition of the locality.

Sonapur College Economic Forum

Under the supervision of The Department of Economics, this forum aims at raising consciousness among students towards economic issues relevant to the regional socio-cultural milieu by encouraging them to collect economy based data and analyze the same for further study.


Sonapur College Philosophical Forum

With a view to make students aware of the various trends and issues in Philosophy, the forum has an annual agenda of organizing seminars, workshops and extension programmes in the college and outside.

Sonapur College Women’s Cell (SCWC)

This cell tries to address different issues of the women teachers and students of the college as well as of the women belonging to the neighbouring areas through various literary programmes. It aims at women emancipation and freedom through its various progressive activities.

Manuram Karkun Teaching and Research Centre for Tribal Language and Culture

The centre aims at teaching the students different tribal languages of the locality and undertakes different research works in relevant topics. It also encourages the students of the college to conduct studies in the rich cultural heritage of the locality.


This centre offers a platform to the hidden talents of the students in dance, music and acting. It also organizes workshops on drama during the summer vacation and these are open for all. The performances made by Kalabhumi have received acclaim outside the state also.

Sonapur College Museum

The college takes pride in preserves the antique resources scattered in Greater Dimoria through its museum. It attempts to make the students know the socio-cultural background and history of the locality. The students are also encouraged to collect and contribute various items to the museum.

Dr. Dhanjit Medhi Foundation

The Dhanjit Medhi Foundation has been formed in fond memory of Late Dr. Dhanjit Medhi, the founder Principal of Sonapur College, for the promotion and patronage of all educational and literary activities, more specifically those pertaining to folk culture, folklore, etc. It aims to encourage the future generations in achieving their academic pursuits.

Blood Donors Association

The college has a voluntary Blood Donors Association where students, teachers and staff are members. The objective of the association is to provide service to the needy and deserving people.