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Deen Dayal Upadhyay Centre for Knowledge Acquisition and Upgradation of Skilled Human Abilities and Livelihood (DDU KAUSHAL)

DDU KAUSHAL Kendra offers B.Vocation programmes in

  • Travel & Tourism Management
  • Theatre & Stage Craft
  • Retail Management & IT

With a view to expand the scope of vocational education on a larger scale and to a newer level by offering courses beyond B.Voc degree, the UGC has introduced the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Centre for Knowledge Acquisition and Upgradation of Skilled Human Abilities and Livelihood (DDU KAUSHAL) in universities and colleges recently. The University Grants Commission has granted the status of the DDU KAUSHAL Kendra to 48 HE institutions across the country. Sonapur College, the only college under Gauhati University and one of the two colleges of Assam has got this prestigious status of DDU KAUSHAL Kendra with a financial assistance of Rs. 3.10 Crore. Further, it is to be mentioned that the UGC has already approved the B.Voc Programmes to Sonapur College along with 6 other colleges of Assam, informed by Dr. Devabrot Khanikor, Principal of the college.

The UGC invited proposals from university and colleges under the scheme and of the total 702 proposals the Commission received, it has recommended the approval of the Status of DDU KAUSHAL Kendra to 48 institutions all over India.

India needs high quality educational system which is affordable, flexible and relevant to the needs of the society so as to achieve the estimated 25 % of the world’s total work force by the year 2025. There is a demand supply mismatch as the economy needs more ‘skilled workforce’ including managers and entrepreneurs. Higher Education Institutions have to incorporate the requirement of various industries in its curriculum in an involved and flexible manner. Keeping these in view, the UGC introduced two programmes: B. Vocation and Community College during XII Plan period. However, the UGC thought about an integrated approach towards knowledge acquisition and upgradation of skilled human competencies in universities and colleges to address the emerging needs of the economy. These targets ensure the graduates have adequate knowledge and skills to get appropriately employed or become entrepreneurs and thereby meet the economic and industrial needs.

In view of this, the UGC implemented the scheme of Community College as an independent scheme in pilot mode. UGC has launched another scheme of B. Vocation Programme to expand the scope of vocational education and also provide vertical mobility to the students from Diploma, Advanced Diploma to Degree Programme.

While implementing these schemes, it is also realized that there is a need to give further push to vocational education on an even larger scale. Therefore, the UGC proposed to establish the DDU KAUSHAL Kendras in universities and colleges.

These centres will take up the vocational education to a new level and offer course beyond B.Voc degree also. The Kendras will follow the guiding principles of National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF), Qualification Pack (QP) and National Occupational Standard (NOS). The centers will maintain a pyramidical structure of student enrolment with respect to Diploma, Advanced Diploma and B.Voc and further higher studies.

The commission has sanctioned three programmes to Sonapur College Center, namely Retail Management & IT, Theatre & Stage Craft, and Tourism & Travel Management. These courses will focus on creating skilled manpower with a target not only to reduce the prevailing skill gap in the industry sectors but to motivate the skilled manpower to be the entrepreneurs. These courses will provide the students scope for vertical mobility from short term certificate courses to full flagged post graduate degree programme, and further research in specialized areas. There are provisions for multiple entry and exit at various levels. Apart from the vocational component, the curriculum includes the general component that includes communication skills, ICT skills, Soft skills, critical thinking, problem solving, environmental studies and value education in the ratio of 60:40. Importance is given in reviewing the curriculum periodically in accordance with the changing requirements of the industry and regional/ national economic priorities.

Sonapur College, established in 1991 has celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 2015-16 with yearlong programmes. The College, in a short span of time has been contributing to the academic growth of not only the state but of the nation. Imparting education in Vocational Courses along with regular Arts and Commerce has led this college to the excellence to get the rarer status of KAUSHAL Center of the UGC.

At this great moment, the Principal of the college has acknowledged the dedicated service and the selfless involvement of all the teachers, non-teaching staff members, students and the well-wishers for their constant support.


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