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College Library

The college takes pride in a well stocked library enriched with a collection of more than ten thousand textbooks and reference books. It is managed by an efficient library staff under the guidance of a library management committee. Constant up-gradation of the library list and addition of new books in the fields of Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, to the current collection is a regular feature. In addition to the above, the library also subscribes to a number of international and national journals, periodicals and many leading newspapers and magazines. To keep pace with the demand of the times, the college authority has undertaken the task of computerization of the central library which ensures its convenient functioning. Every student is issued two library cards for one academic session. However an additional payment of Rs 50 enables students of major courses to obtain two extra cards after the declaration of the result of the major selection test. The library is governed by certain rules and instructions which are notified in the library notice board from time to time. Book bank facility is offered to needy and deserving students. These students, on filling an additional form, are allowed to borrow books for the entire academic session and have to return the books only after the completion of the examination. The library also offers the facility of a ‘Reserve Stack’ where students can reserve a book of their choice in advance.libary Apart from the central library, different departments of the college also have their own departmental library which hugely benefits the students of the major courses.

The well furnished library of Sonapur College provides the facility of a spacious reading room where a large number of students can read at a time. All students are the members of the library.

The library is governed by the following library rules and instructions:

1. Library Hours : 9.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.

2. Issued Hours : 10.45 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

3. Issue days (class wise) :

Day Class Stream
Monday H.S. 1st. Year & TDC 1st Year (Arts & Commerce)
Tuesday H.S. 2nd Year & TDC 2nd Year (Arts & Commerce)
Wednesday TDC 3rd Year & H.S. 1st Year (Arts & Commerce)
Thursday TDC 2nd Year & H.S. 2nd Year (Arts & Commerce)
Friday TDC 1st Year & TDC 3rd Year (Arts & Commerce)
Saturday TDC 1st Year & TDC 2nd Year (Arts & Commerce)

4. Number of Cards issued :
a) H.S. Classes 2 each
b) T.D.C. Classes 2 each
c) T.D.C. Major Classes : 2 additional cards. These two cards will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- after the result of the major selection test.

5. The library cards are non transferable.

6. A student can borrow one book against one card.

7. A student can keep a book borrowed from the library for a maximum period of 15 days from the date of issue. If he/she does not return a bookwithin that period a fine of Rs. 1/- per day up to 15 days and Rs 2/- then after will be imposed.

8. Strict discipline and silence are to be observed in the library and reading room.

9. The students are required to take utmost care of borrowed books.

10. Marking, underlining, cutting, erasing or dog-erring pages of books are strictly prohibited. Borrower is liable to be punished if any such damage to the library books is detected by the librarian and the other library helper. In such cases, the decision of the Library Advisory Committee is final.

11. In case of missing and damage book, a student will have to either replace a new copy of the book or to pay the current price of the book as demanded by the librarian along with a fine of Rs. 10/-

12. The different departmental journals and periodicals as well as the newspapers can be utilised by the students only in the reading room. These items are not issued in any case.

13. There are certain books not to be taken out of the library. Students can utilise these books in the reading room itself.

14. Library books and cards are to be deposited before the issue of the Admit cards of the final examinations.

15. The librarian may recall a book at any time in case of urgency.

16. A student can alsoutilise the reference books and other valuable books from the different departmental libraries which are governed by the concerned departments.


Limited book bank facilities are offered to the genuinely needy and deserving students. Such students are to fill up a separate form and to follow certain formalities. They can borrow books for the whole academic session. They too will have to return the books just after the completion of the examination.

Departmental Library
All the departments have their own departmental libraries. Major Students can avail the facilities from those libraries.

List of Books

Library Staff

  1. Ms. Archana Sarma, B.A. M.Phil, MLISC (Librarian)
  2. Mr. Chandra Doloi (Lib. Barer)

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